All jewellery pieces presented here are unique, and all of them have the official hallmark brand by assay office mark of Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, S. A.INCM.


In the terms of the Judicial Regime of the Goldsmiths and Assays, approved by law no. 98/2015, 18 August, an article with precious metal is legally marked when the following markings have been applied:

  1. Marking of responsibility, fabrication or equivalent;
  2. Marking of the assay and puncture mark of the touch when it is not applied.


The mark of responsibility, fabrication or equivalent is the marking that contains the engraving with the identification of the responsible party that provided the article with precious metal in the market and produce a brand with a privative design and a lettering of their own naming scheme, with their surnames or of their firms, ensuring that the design and lettering are distinctively visible in the contours periphery.

The assay marking produces a mark that guarantees the legal touch of the articles with precious metals, or signifies particular circumstances, and identifies the assay by the specific parameters that were utilized, which consists, respectively, applied on a curved form, or an irregular octagonal shape, depending on the respective Assayers of Lisbon or Porto (see the brand designs below). The symbol varies depending on the metals:


  1. Gold – deer head for touches equal or superior to 800 thousandths and a dove in flight for touches inferior to 800 thousandths;
  2. Silver – eagle head (turned to the left on legal touches equal to or superior to 925 thousandths and turned to the right on legal touches equal or inferior to 835 thousandths);
  3. Platinum – parrot head;
  4. Palladium – lynx head (turned to the left).

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